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Internet Explorer Browser
How to uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer on Windows 10
Although Microsoft Edge is your new default web browser (soon to be replaced by a Chromium-based version), Windows 10 includes Internet Explorer 11 as a legacy feature to support sites that use outdated...
How To Restore USB Drive Back To Original Size
How come my USB drive in Windows is not showing its full capacity? Originally, the USB drive was 16GB when it was purchased a while back, however, it incorrectly shows as only 63.8MB. We will reformat...
Windows Run Commands Cheat Sheet
When used correctly, Windows 10’s run command can be an extremely powerful feature. It can be used to open files and folders, launch programs, and access internet resources in Windows. The fastest...
Create Settings shortcut in Windows 10
The Settings application in Windows 10 contains a wealth of useful features and options. Settings are where most of the changes in Windows 10 will be made. From the Start Menu, you can easily access the...
How do you create a USB Windows 10 Recovery Drive?
Creating a USB recovery drive is a smart idea. Windows PCs that are running into issues can be fixed by using a USB recovery drive, even if the computer won’t boot. In order to create a recovery...
Command Prompt
How to Speed Up Internet on a Windows PC with Command Prompt (cmd.exe)
A constant issue that plagues internet users is slow internet speed. Often, the problem is the network configuration. Other times, the problem could lie with the computer or even with the Internet provider....
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