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The Best Browser: Comparing 4 Popular Browsers

A web browser is software that allows you to view websites. It is therefore an essential tool for browsing the Internet. Many web browsers exist; it can be difficult to decide between them. Discover the features and advantages of each in our comparison to find the best browser.

What You Need to Know

  • Google Chrome is generally considered the fastest internet browser.
  • Firefox is a very secure browser, which offers complete protection of personal data.
  • Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer. This Microsoft software is a lightweight and fast internet browser.
  • Safari, the Apple browser, is a complete and versatile software package.

The best web browsers of 2022: our comparison

Choosing a good internet browser is important because it is software that can have a considerable impact on all the services you stream on the internet, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, with new services coming from the likes of Apple, HBO, and Disney.

Strictly speaking, there is no better internet browser. Indeed, they all have different strengths; the fastest browser will not necessarily be the most customizable. We have therefore compared the most popular browsers on the market according to several criteria:

Comparison for the best browser
The Best Browser: Comparing 4 Popular Browsers 1

Thus, Google Chrome is the big winner of our comparison, being both the fastest internet browser and the most ergonomic. It is also very easy to set up and protects people who use the Internet from online threats.

Unlike Chrome, Firefox is a browser that insists on protecting the personal data of its users while offering decent performance in other categories.

Safari and Edge are easy-to-access, secure browsers that load most websites quickly.

Finally, Opera is by far the most customizable Internet browser; it is particularly intended for experienced Internet users, who can add all the features they want.

Google Chrome, the fastest internet browser

Google Chrome is an internet browser launched by Google in 2008. The browser has quickly become extremely popular (it is used by almost 70% of Internet users) and is often considered the best  browser for 2022. Indeed, the browser is not only very fast and light, but also particularly ergonomic.

However, Chrome also has some flaws that can be extremely annoying for some Internet users, especially when it comes to the management of personal data. Google constantly collects data about its users and uses it to present personalised ads.

Chrome is very regularly updated (every month) with new features or increased security; the constant monitoring of this software partly explains its very good performance.

Many extensions can be added to the browser via the Chrome Web Store, for example, to block ads or use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), a tool to secure your internet connection. Chrome also has the advantage of being fully compatible with all Google applications, for example, Gmail. You can also share your Chrome profile on both your smartphone and computer.

Safari, the web browser for Macs

Safari is a browser developed by Apple in 2003. It is automatically integrated on all Mac computers.This browser offers great security, is considered the second fastest Internet browser, and is, in our opinion, very easy to use, even for a new Internet user. It also has great compatibility with other Apple products; it notably benefits from iCloud, which synchronises data saved on Safari with the rest of Apple devices.

Microsoft Edge, the successor of Internet Explorer

Edge replaced Internet Explorer in 2015. This browser, developed by Microsoft, is installed by default on Windows computers; it is therefore used by many Internet users on Windows. Thanks to its great compatibility with other Microsoft programs, Edge can be considered as the best internet browser for Windows 10 as well as Windows 11.

Edge seeks to overcome the main shortcomings of Internet Explorer, in particular speed and ergonomics; the interface is more streamlined than that of its predecessor, and new innovative functions have been added, such as the voice assistant Cortana or a reading mode that is more comfortable for the eyes. It is also a fast and accessible web browser.

If Edge uses Bing as the default search engine, it is possible to configure the browser to use Google. Here’s how:

  1. Open the “Settings and more” menu and choose “Settings.”
  2. Go to “Privacy and services.”
  3. Open the “Address bar” in the “Services” window at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In the field “search engine used in the address bar”, you can select Google.

Mozilla Firefox, the browser that protects your privacy

Firefox is a web browser that appeared in 2003. Unlike many of its competitors, it is developed by a Foundation rather than a company; as a result, the software is open source, which means that its code is available to anyone. It is funded by user donations.

The philosophy of this browser is to offer great protection of personal data: many integrated tools automatically block trackers from most websites. The web browser also tells you if the security of the password you use isn’t good enough.

There are a lot of extensions that can be used to make the browser look the way you want it to.

Opera is a tailor-made internet browser

Opera was launched in 1995 by Opera Software, a Norwegian IT company. The browser has therefore had the opportunity to evolve a lot over the years.

Opera stands out from other internet browsers because of its great customization. Many visual themes and extensions can be downloaded from the browser’s official website. Despite all these functions, Opera remains a light and relatively fast internet browser.

A free and unlimited VPN is included in the browser to browse more securely.

Other web browsers

  • Vivaldi is a web browser reminiscent of Opera; it is very complete, and it is easy to customize it to integrate even more features that will be useful to you.
  • Brave, developed in open source, is a very special internet browser: it focuses on respect for privacy, with an integrated ad blocker and a tool to push secure connections. Brave also includes a “Tor” mode that allows anonymous browsing and access to the Deep Web.
  • Epic Privacy Browser is also a browser centered on the protection of personal data. All saved browsing data is erased as soon as the software is closed.
  • Maxthon is a browser developed by the Chinese company of the same name. It natively includes several functions, including messaging and an ad blocker.

How to download an internet browser

Have you determined the best web browser for your situation? All you have to do is install it. Here is how to perform this manipulation, which is often very easy:

  1. Go to the official website of the browser you are going to install.
  2. The site will guide you to a “Download” or “Install” button that you need to click.
  3. Select the folder to download the installer to.
  4. Wait for the download to complete.
  5. Run the downloaded program; it will probably need to be granted rights for the browser to install.
  6. The web browser is installed; you can launch it and use it to access the internet.

Is it possible to use several internet browsers

It is possible to install several Internet browsers on the same computer; this is useful, for example, if you particularly wish to protect your privacy. Thus, by changing browsers regularly, you limit the information that different companies record about you.

Having several browsers installed is also interesting if you want to put a website or a blog online: you can test its display and its layout on the different browsers that an Internet user is likely to use.

Finally, if the Internet browser you are using stops working following an update or a bug, it is important to have at least a second backup browser installed on the computer in order to continue to access the Internet.

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