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Facebook  Will Soon Include Reels Worldwide

Reels will be included into Facebook’s application globally.

Facebook is releasing its own version of the TikTok-inspired app known as Reels, which will be available in 150 countries outside of the United States. Reels was introduced on Facebook in the United States in September 2021, and allows users to see short videos from friends and pages in one convenient location.

When Snapchat was at the height of its success, the Meta-owned site Instagram launched a feature that was quite similar to Snapchat’s Stories. It went on to be a great hit. In the wake of the success of TikTok, Instagram introduced a similar feature called Reels. And, given Meta’s ownership of both Facebook and Instagram, it’s not surprising that Reels will soon be available directly within Facebook on a worldwide scale.

Reels will be incorporated into Facebook’s application.

If you are unfamiliar with Reels, it is a service that operates on a model that is quite similar to TikTok. For example, users can create short videos of themselves dancing, add various visual effects, or remix other reels in order to create pseudo-collaborations. This had previously only been available on Instagram and Facebook in the United States, but it will soon be available to all Facebook users worldwide.

“You will be able to post public Reels in Stories on Facebook, making it easier to share your favorite Reels with friends and giving creators greater visibility,” reads a statement from Facebook. Also, current public Stories will be able to be used to create Reels. Like Facebook Stories, Reels will appear at the top of your news feed as well as on the Watch tab.

Building Reels popularity

Facebook will also provide suggestions of Reels that may be of interest to you in your News Feed, allowing users to find additional content. Reels’ arrival on Facebook isn’t really a surprise, given how Instagram Stories have been integrated into Facebook. As a result, the popularity of this feature is expected to rise even further.

A new feature called Stars, will allow users to ‘tip’ Reel makers while a live Reel is in progress, is one of the few options to monetize Reels thus far.

In Conclusion

What has made TikTok so successful so far is hoped to be replicated in Reels. For Meta, Instagram Reels looks like it has worked out well. Instagram Stories, on the other hand, is still the company’s crowning achievement. A worldwide launch and greater features with a worldwide deployment should help Facebook better pivot to video compared to its earlier attempts of Facebook Live and Facebook Video feeds. We will have to wait and see if having two types of Reels from Meta has value.

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