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Up to 10 minutes of video might be allowed on TikTok

TikTok is apparently exploring enabling videos up to 10 minutes long. This is intended to boost advertising income.

TikTok, founded by the Chinese internet entrepreneur Zhang Yiming is contemplating a major change. One of the best things about TikTok videos and some other similar video services is how short they are. The benefit of this is that users simply watch a video and then go on to the next one without wasting (too much) time. It also enables creators to use innovative techniques to generate a seamless video in a short amount of time. An app can only go so far with short videos. While TikTok has enjoyed a wave of popularity that has driven it to the top of app stores around the world, the company needs longer videos to sustainably expand its income. Longer videos attract more attention and allow advertisers to sell more advertising.

According to reports, TikTok is considering enabling videos to go up to ten minutes long.

However, for some time now, the video-sharing app TikTok has been toying with the idea of allowing users to upload lengthier videos. Testing has even been conducted on TikTok allowing users to upload videos up to ten minutes in length. The platform’s motivation is simple and clear: it wants to make more money through advertising. There is a belief that by allowing for lengthier videos, there would be more opportunities for advertisements to be incorporated. As a result, the business is able to make more revenue.

Ad income will increase as a result of this.

It’s also worth mentioning that, according to a poll of nearly half of TikTok’s user base, many people find videos longer than one minute ” difficult” to watch, yet the firm appears to want to keep going down the long-form video path.

As previously said, in an age where people’s attention spans are shrinking, short films are unquestionably the best alternative.  Furthermore, viewers can currently access lengthier material on YouTube. Ten-minute TikTok videos may or may not be of considerable interest to the platform viewers in this context, but it is difficult to determine. In the end, it would be against the platform’s premise. But, who knows, perhaps the company will be correct. Only time will tell.

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