5 Best Tablets of 2022

The 5 Best Tablets of 2022

In this blog, we’ll go through the top five tablets in 2022. This list was compiled based on pricing.

I’ve included options for every type of customer in terms of performance, portability, battery life, and more, so whether you’re searching for an economical tablet with amazing value or simply the best tablet money can buy, we’ll have the perfect tablet for you. Check the links in the description below for further information and the most recent pricing on the products listed. Let’s have a look at the tablets now.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite
The 5 Best Tablets of 2022 1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite is my pick for the greatest Android tablet for the money in 2022 if you’re searching for a tablet with impressive processing power, battery life, and build quality at a cheap price. Despite the fact that it isn’t the greatest Android tablet on the market, it still has a lot of features. We’ll have a better alternative later for individuals who want the best overall performance, but the average user may not require some of the extra features and may be better off with the S6 lite. It has a metal frame that protects against drops and a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry.

The tablet has a medium-sized bezel around the screen, so there’s no home button or fingerprint scanner, but it does offer a facial unlock feature.

It has a 10.4-inch TFTLCD display with a resolution of 2000 by 1200 pixels, which produces a good image but lacks the color accuracy and brightness of amoled displays. The bundled S pen stylus, in my opinion, is a noteworthy feature that delivers excellent value for the money.

It works well and has excellent pressure sensitivity, making it ideal for taking notes or creating artwork. It is powered by Samsung’s exynos 9611 processor, which features four 2.31 GHz cores, four 1.74 GHz cores, and four gigabytes of RAM.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t perform as well as the premium Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus and isn’t designed for gaming, it has enough power to stream videos and use pen apps like Photoshop Express and Microsoft OneNote with ease.

The battery life is exceptional for the price, lasting up to 12 hours. The standard model comes with 64 gigabytes of storage, but you can upgrade to a 128 gigabyte configuration depending on your demands. The Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 lite isn’t the most powerful device on the market, but it has a good display, a respectable CPU, and solid performance that’s ideal for anyone who wants to view videos, create digital art, and browse the web without spending too much money.

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Microsoft Surface Go 3

Microsoft Surface Go 3
The 5 Best Tablets of 2022 2

Anyone looking for a tablet with a good webcam, secure logins, and enough battery life to get through the day should consider the Microsoft Surface Go 3. The Microsoft Surface Go 3 is an improvement over its predecessor in a number of areas, and it comes equipped with high-quality components and enough battery life to last the duration of a workday.

Additionally, it includes advanced features like as Windows 11 and a favorable price-to-performance ratio. It’s lighter than many of its competitors, making it easy to transport, and it includes an incorporated kickstand for a comfortable viewing angle.

The addition of a keyboard and touch pad improves its utility, albeit the attachment is offered separately and can feel tight. The ten-and-a-half-inch display features a 1920×1280 resolution, strong brightness, and decent color accuracy, yet it falls short of what creative professionals want.

A large bezel towards the top holds a 5 megapixel 1080p webcam that produces a better image than the premium Apple iPad, making it ideal for zoom meetings or face-to-face communication, as well as facial recognition logins for extra security.

A Pentium Gold processor, 64 GB of flash storage, and four gigabytes of RAM power this laptop, which excels at basic computing activities like watching YouTube videos and word processing, but it suffers from latency and stuttering when running multiple programs at once.

It has a decent run duration of approximately 11 hours and supports quick charging, so you can use it throughout the day without worrying about running out of juice. Additionally, you receive a full edition of the new Windows 11 operating system, which is an exceptional feature at this price point and is completely free of bloatware.

While it does not quite match the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in terms of performance, the Microsoft Surface Go 3 is an amazing Windows tablet with superb usability. It offers reliable performance and a high-quality webcam, making it an excellent choice for casual users and remote workers.

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Apple iPad

Apple iPad
The 5 Best Tablets of 2022 3

Some users may prefer a tablet that can play games, stream video, surf the web, and multitask without compromising on performance. The Apple iPad is my pick for the ideal tablet for the majority of people in 2022.

Apple’s iPad is a high-end tablet that is designed to be simple to use and has enough computing power to do practically everything you can imagine. Additionally, it features an outstanding display, making it ideal for creative workers.

Despite having a design that is identical to prior versions, you still get a tiny, lightweight tablet with a robust aluminum chassis. It has a 10.2-inch retina display with a resolution of 2160×1620, which creates a detailed image with good color accuracy and plenty of brightness. While the screen is prone to glare and can be difficult to see in bright light, it uses Apple’s true tone technology to adjust the color temperature based on the illumination.

It features an inbuilt touch ID sensor that uses your fingerprint to offer an extra degree of protection and enable Apple Pay, which I appreciate.

Although the updated A13 bionic processing chip can dependably handle most jobs, such as photo editing, multitasking, and playing games, it lacks the editing capabilities of the 12.9-inch iPad pro. The battery has a long run time of up to 10 hours, allowing you to stay productive for virtually the entire day.

Additionally, it runs Apple’s secure iPad OS 15 operating system, which includes an extensive app store. A focus mode that restricts program usage, a new universal control feature that enables split-screen mode with other iOS computers, and much more.

Additionally, you receive a substantial 256 GB of storage to keep your files accessible. The Apple iPad outperforms the Surface Go 3 in terms of processor speed, screen size, and design, and its versatile performance and straightforward operating system make it the ideal option for the majority of consumers.

Whether you’re looking for a tablet that can handle everyday web browsing, play light games, and provide an accurate image for creative work, this might be the right choice for you.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 Plus
The 5 Best Tablets of 2022 4

The Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 Plus is my pick as the best Android tablet in 2022 for anyone searching for a tablet with superb build quality, long battery life, and a responsive Android operating system.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 Plus is the company’s best product yet, featuring a strong CPU that can easily handle demanding processes or many Android-based apps at the same time. The chassis is built of sturdy aluminum for increased durability, and it is available in a variety of colors to complement your aesthetic.

It includes a magnetic link on the upper left corner that can hold the accompanying s pen stylus, although it’s weak and easily dislodged. The iPad boasts a larger 12.4-inch screen than the basic model with a 2800 by 1752 pixel super amoled display, which produces a clearer image than the previously mentioned apple iPad, true colors, and enough brightness to remain viewable in direct sunlight. The tablet also has a configurable refresh rate of 120 hertz for smoother scrolling.

With a battery capacity of 1090 mah and a run time of roughly 7 hours, this laptop is more than capable of getting you through a typical workday. Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset enables smooth game play and broad multitasking without any lag.

It comes pre-installed with Android 10 and the latest version of the Samsung One UI interface, and while the app selection is relatively limited, it features better multitasking and a convenient desktop emulating mode.

It includes a robust 128 gigabyte storage capacity for increased productivity, or you may upgrade to a more expensive configuration with up to 512 gigabytes depending on your needs, even though it may not be powerful enough to totally replace your desktop.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab s7 Plus tablet is one of the top Android tablets available. It features an incredible screen, a 120 hertz refresh rate, and a fast processor, making it excellent for video streaming, heavy professional tasks, and gaming. This, I believe, is an excellent alternative if you require something capable of handling daily computer activities.

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Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro
The 5 Best Tablets of 2022 5

Look no further if you want a tablet with adequate power to tackle demanding jobs like 4K video editing, a gorgeous display, excellent battery life, and plenty of storage. My pick for the best tablet for power users in 2022 is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro has more power than any other tablet on this list, and it’s an excellent pick if you want a tablet that can edit or render 4K videos, perform intense processes, and also serve as an entertainment center. It’s made of lightweight and robust machined aluminum, just like the iPad.

Unlike that model, however, it features a magnificent 12.9-inch retina xDR display with an adjustable refresh rate of up to 120 hertz for speedier scrolling, true tone technology, amazing 1600 nits peak brightness, and exceptional color accuracy, making it ideal for viewing or editing HDR video.

You can even choose the less expensive 11-inch variant, however the display is significantly less impressive. I also enjoy that it includes a variety of connectivity options, such as wi-fi 6 support and a USB C connector with thunderbolt and USB4 capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly attach extra devices.

It features a strong m1 microprocessor that gives macbook-level speed and can easily handle processor-intensive applications like photo or 4k video editing. You can even buy options with up to two terabytes of file storage, which is far more than most competitors in this price bracket. The battery life is amazing, lasting up to 10 hours of online browsing or video streaming.

Even though it runs on the latest version of the iPad operating system, iOS 15, and has a number of useful features like synchronized tab collections in safari and an updated multitasking menu, the Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 Plus performs better and has a more stunning screen, while iOS 15 lacks true external display support and multitasking can be challenging.

The 12.9-inch iPad pro delivers class-leading performance and even clearer images, smooth scrolling and a portable design. This is an ideal option if you’re a creative professional that edits high resolution files, a content creator, or if you want the most powerful tablet available.

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