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How to change the keyboard layout on Windows 10
Do you require extra Windows 10 keyboard layouts? As a multilingual person who routinely uses the keyboard on my laptop for business and for personal reasons, I find myself switching between languages...
Mozilla's Firefox Web Browser has lost a whopping 46 million users.
Firefox, from Mozilla, is still a strong rival to Google Chrome, although it has lost more than 46 million users in the last three years. Firefox was first released by Mozilla in 2002, and it quickly gained...
Windows 10
How to get rid of the news and weather widget in Windows 10.
Microsoft is constantly tweaking Windows 10 to make it better. Some modifications have proven to be more successful than others, but not all of the new features in Windows 10 are universally embraced....
Internet Explorer Browser
How to uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer on Windows 10
Although Microsoft Edge is your new default web browser (soon to be replaced by a Chromium-based version), Windows 10 includes Internet Explorer 11 as a legacy feature to support sites that use outdated...
How To Restore USB Drive Back To Original Size
How come my USB drive in Windows is not showing its full capacity? Originally, the USB drive was 16GB when it was purchased a while back, however, it incorrectly shows as only 63.8MB. We will reformat...
Windows Run Commands Cheat Sheet
When used correctly, Windows 10’s run command can be an extremely powerful feature. It can be used to open files and folders, launch programs, and access internet resources in Windows. The fastest...
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