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How do you create a USB Windows 10 Recovery Drive?
Creating a USB recovery drive is a smart idea. Windows PCs that are running into issues can be fixed by using a USB recovery drive, even if the computer won’t boot. In order to create a recovery...
Command Prompt
How to Speed Up Internet on a Windows PC with Command Prompt (cmd.exe)
A constant issue that plagues internet users is slow internet speed. Often, the problem is the network configuration. Other times, the problem could lie with the computer or even with the Internet provider....
How To Block A Program From Accessing The Internet In Windows 10
This post will show you how to prevent an application that you have installed on your computer from accessing the internet. We will be using Windows Firewall which is the first line of defense for home...
How To Reboot Your Computer Using Task Scheduler On Windows 10
What is Task Scheduler? Task Scheduler is built-in feature of Windows, the program executes predefined actions automatically when a certain set of conditions is met. It could be argued that Windows Task...
How To Restart Windows Without Restarting The Computer
When it comes to installing updates, fixing annoying issues, or adding new apps, restarting Windows can be a tedious process. Having a computer that takes forever to restart doesn’t help at all....
How To Customize Folder Icons In Windows 10
The other day I was looking for a certain folder called eBooks. Not everyone has the same eyesight and my eyesight is not the best. It seems that my computer is filled with yellow folders and it took me...
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