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Mozilla’s Firefox Web Browser has lost a whopping 46 million users.

Firefox, from Mozilla, is still a strong rival to Google Chrome, although it has lost more than 46 million users in the last three years.

Firefox was first released by Mozilla in 2002, and it quickly gained momentum in the market. It wasn’t that long ago, about ten years ago that Firefox was one of the most widely used internet browser in the world. Consumer options were limited at the time, with Internet Explorer still being one of the most popular mainstream consumer alternatives.

Among Linux users, Firefox has long been regarded as one of the better alternatives to Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser

It should also be noted that before Google Chrome dominated the market, there were other web browser options available to users. In recent years, however, there has been a decline in the Firefox browser’s popularity.

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Mozilla's Firefox Web Browser has lost a whopping 46 million users. 1

What is it that is causing consumers to switch from Firefox to Chromium-based web browsers, and specifically Chrome?

I can think of a couple of things that come to mind: the most widely used search engine on the planet recommends that people download and utilize Google Chrome.

Android’s default web browser is Google Chrome.

There are several web services that are only available with Chrome-based browsers.

Microsoft Edge has been designated as the default web browser for Windows 10, which, as expected, commands a substantial part of the market.

Firefox’s rivals are notoriously pushy when it comes to attracting users: last year, the Chrome Web Store issued a short warning to Edge users about potential security issues, urging them to switch browsers. It’s no secret that Microsoft has engaged in similar practices.

In addition to that, there are a couple of other things that Firefox may have gotten incorrect, including:

Constantly breaking the user experience with major overhauls.

In recent years, there have been no major advances in performance.

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Mozilla's Firefox Web Browser has lost a whopping 46 million users. 2

No web browser is flawless, but is this a cause for concern?

Despite the fact that Mozilla Firefox is losing a significant number of monthly active users, the browser has a long way to go before becoming extinct.

Keep in mind that this is a browser that needs to compete with Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome, among others.

With more and more websites optimizing for Chrome in order to load quicker, Firefox will have an uphill struggle to stay competitive and attract people away from Google’s platform.

Given the 197 million users, it’s quite unlikely that Firefox would disappear over night. There are still some people who like what Mozilla is doing.

In any case, it will be quite intriguing to watch what the next steps are for the open-source browser.

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